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I was lucky enough to live in a Haussmann styled apartment in Paris for a few years, surrounded by intricate period details, high ceilings & restored herringbone floors. I immediately realised a harmonious mix of vintage & new would be the perfect compliment. The Parisians are masters at creating juxtaposing interior styles. By embracing the Parisian age & history of furnishings with modernist pieces, an effortless Paris Chic interior begins to tell its story.

Parisian interiors should never be too perfect but adopt a laissez-faire attitude. Create a somewhat 'anti-decor', personalising your interior in a natural way. Here are some ideas to capture the spirit of Paris Chic in your own home.


It's essential in bridging old & new, to have a subtle backdrop. A successful colour scheme favours monochromatic layers of neutral tones. Greys, taupes, warm linens, praline, pistachio, allow shapely pieces & patterns to stand out. Colour can be emphasised in furnishings, upholstery and accents in art.


Upholster old French furniture in contemporary fabrics and offset with 20th century designed coffee tables. Create an antique object vignette over a mantle or console with a backdrop of colourful modern art. Vintage furniture can be offset with textures such as concrete, glass and contrast well over a modern rug. Bring together classic set pieces with practical luxury.


If your lucky enough to have elaborate ceiling moulding detailing, avoid adding recessed lighting to preserve the character. Instead, opt for dramatic floor lamps or table lamps. An aged chandelier full of French character contrasting with modernism, is the simplest way to capture the ambiance of Paris Chic.

Photo by Nadia Kaufhold

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